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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA)?
    As a gallery we authenticate that the work you are buying is a genuine original piece of art by the artist described. This is our guarantee to you that the work is genuine.
  • How do you authenticate the work?
    Mostly by buying or commissioning work directly from the artist, but we may accept a CoA from another trusted gallery or artists agent. In rare circumstances, where we are selling and old piece of art, we will investigate the piece, use subject matter experts and/or old paperwork to establish authenticity.
  • Does every piece of art you sell have an CoA?
    Almost all of the work we sell will have a CoA. Some very small pieces may not, where the process is more expensive than the art itself, but this would be by exception rather than the rule. If we a buying direct from the artist, then we will always provide a CoA
  • Do you take commissions?
    Some of our artists take commissions and we would be happy to discuss your needs to either source or commission art. Send an email, give us a ring or pop in to the shop for a commitment free chat.
  • How much does a commission cost?
    That really depends on what you are asking for, the size, complexity and any time constraints. A good ball-park guide for most artists would be that it is roughly the same as a competitive piece they have already done.
  • What if I don’t like the finished piece?
    Our standard terms are that you pay a 20% non-returnable deposit and you are not under any commitment to buy the final piece. You do not have to give a reason, but feedback is always welcomed. Some very bespoke items, that we would not be able to resale (eg portraits, niche subject matter or customised products) may require up to 100% of the price to be paid as a non-refundable deposit. This will vary from artist to artist, commission to commission, so the terms will be agreed with you at the commissioning stage.
  • Will you sell my art?
    We are always interested in hearing directly from artists, especially local artists in the Bristol area. (Bristol, England) But even if you live further afield, we would like to see what you have. Please send some photos of your work with a bio by email.
  • No, really, will you sell my art?"
    We curate shows of complementary work and work that will sell to our customer base. We only sell art that is (or has recently) been show in our Bristol Gallery. But if your work matches an exhibition we want to stage, then yes, we will be in touch, and if all parties agree, we will exhibit your art.
  • Do you stage solo exhibits?
    Occasionally we hold a solo exhibit, where a single artist takes over the whole gallery. These will be detailed in our events pages along with all the other exhibits
  • What commission do you charge?
    Most galleries charge between 40% and 50% commission and we will agree our commission with you or your agent on an individual basis.
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