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ArtPark is a weekend pop-up art gallery based in Totterdown, Bristol, England


ArtPark started in 2013, selling art at the Totterdown Frontroom Art Trail.

It started with just with the art of Adam Adäm, but quickly expanded to include the art of family, friends and other favourite artists.

In 2021 ArtPark expanded to open it’s first physical gallery in the city of Bristol, England.


Bristol is well known and thriving centre of the British arts scene. Especially know for its ‘anti-establishment’ art and artists with both Banksy and Damian Hurst as examples of famous Bristol artists.

We also have amazing street art festivals, numerous art trails, affordable art fairs and some amazing galleries and museums


ArtPark is the newest member of the Bristol art family and we hope to showcase both new and established artists work in our gallery in Totterdown (close to Bristol Temple Meads Station) with different exhibitions throughout the year including solo exhibitions and a showcase of the next generation of Bristol’s young artists.

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